Mao, a Japanese girl who moves to New York to find romance with an American guy, starts living with two other Japanese millennials - Akari, an aspiring actress and Taku, a freelancer with sketchy jobs. Their living situation seems to be going well until they suddenly receive an eviction notice from their apartment owner. With no choice but to find a new place, the bumbling bunch find themselves in peculiar situations as they navigate life in the City.

Trailer / 予告編

Episode 1 / エピソード1

Starring: Akiko Fujiwara, Mari Miyamoto, Taiju Nakane
Producer: Victor Russo
Director / Editor: Minami Goto
Writer: Asami Tomari
Cinematographer: Yosuke Kiname
Composer: Miho Hazama
Assistant Director: Takuma Matsuda
Production Design: Madoka Ono
Production Manager: Kazuo Fukui
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