Yuta is a high school student living in Shizuoka, Japan. His strong sense of justice makes his school life torture. Only certain students are given special treatment, teachers enforce useless rules, and students just go along with it... To change the situation, he rebels against the system by causing mischief around the school. One day, Yuta, together with four disgruntled friends, devise a plan to take over the grade assembly.

Starring: Tatsuomi Hamada, Riku Hagiwara, Sara Shida, Haruka Imou, Ren Sudo, Masato Kakei
Produced by Daisuke Kondo, Nagamasa Shimizu
Written and Directed by Minami Goto
Story by Minami Goto and Grace Swee
Cinematographer: Satoru Karasawa
Theme Song by: Miyuu
Original Score by Michael Kaneko

Award: avex Digital Award
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